Team profile: Angola

Football is put into perspective when one considers the trauma that has faced Angola recently with their crippling 16 year civil war. In football stakes, they would rank as one of the biggest long shots in the history of the World Cup. However, the nation will be celebrating their mere presence at t

    FIFA Ranking: 57

    Coach: Luis Oliveira Goncalvez

    Key players: Fabrice Akwa, Flavio Amado, Pedro Mantorras

    World Cup record: First appearance

    Qualifying route: Won African Group 4

    Key question: Can Angola surprise the World and qualify out of their group?


    Goalkeepers #
    Jo?o Ricardo 1
    Lama 12
    M?rio 22
    Marco Airosa 2
    Jamba 3
    Lebo Lebo 4
    Kali 5
    Rui Marques 15
    Loco 20
    Delgado 21
    Marco Abreu 23
    Miloy 6
    Figueiredo 7
    Andre 8
    Edson 13
    Mendonca 14
    Ze Kalanga 17
    Pedro Mantorras 9
    Akwa 10
    Mateus 11
    Flavio 16
    Love 18
    Andre Titi Buengo 19

    Group matches:

    v Portugal, 19:00 GMT, Sunday 11th June - Cologne

    v Mexico, 19:00 GMT, Friday 16th June - Hanover

    v Iran, 14:00 GMT, Wednesday 21st June - Leipzig


    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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