Team profile: Trinidad & Tobago

Sure to be many fans' "second team" the side from two small islands in the Caribbean embodies the phrase "footballing minnow". Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker will have a reputation to rival countryman Guus Hiddink should he turn the Soca Warriors into a successful team.

    FIFA Ranking: 47


    Coach: Leo Beenhakker


    Key players: Dwight Yorke, Russell Latapy, Chris Birchall


    World Cup record: First appearance


    Qualifying route: Defeated Bahrain in playoff


    Key question: Can fairytales come true?




    Goalkeepers #
    Shaka Hislop 1
    Kelvin Jack 21
    Clayton Ince 22
    Ian Cox 2
    Avery John 3
    Marvin Andrews 4
    Brent Sancho 5
    Dennis Lawrence 6
    Cyd Gray 8
    Atiba Charles 17
    Chris Birchall 7
    Aurtis Whitley 9
    Carlos Edwards 11
    Densill Theobald 18
    Anthony Wolfe 23
    Russell Latapy 10
    Collin Samuel 12
    Cornell Glen 13
    Stern John 14
    Kenwyne Jones 15
    Evans Wise 16
    Dwight Yorke 19
    Jason Scotland 20


    Group matches:

    v Sweden, 16:00 GMT, Saturday 10th June - Dortmund


    v England, 16:00 GMT, Thursday 15th June - Nuremberg


    v Paraguay, 19:00 GMT, Tuesday 20th June - Kaiserslautern



    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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