No show for Togo?

Speculation mounts that Togo are planning to boycott their second World Cup match against Switzerland as their apparent pay dispute seems to worsen.

    Speak no evil: No official word on Togo's departure or plans

    The side did not leave their team base as planned in order to catch a flight to Dortmund.

    "We are still in the hotel," coach Otto Pfister told Reuters.

    The coach had previously left the team over the pay dispute after players had boycotted training.

    When asked whether Togo where boycotting the match a source could only reveal that there were few signs of a preparation for departure.

    "The departure (from the match camp in Wangen), was planned for now but the players are showing no signs of getting ready or leaving," the source said.

    Officials have previously stated that the pay dispute had been finalised, although no details had been revealed.

    Togo are scheduled to play their second match against Switzerland in Dortmund on Monday.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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