Seized oil workers freed in Nigeria

Kidnappers in Nigeria have freed the six remaining foreign oil workers they were holding captive after earlier releasing two of the men, a spokesman for the British embassy has said.

    Foreign oil workers in Niger Delta are frequently snatched

    Six Britons, one American and one Canadian were seized from an oil rig 65km off the coast in a raid on Friday by 20 to 30 attackers in speedboats.

    Two Britons were freed in the early hours of Sunday and the rest several hours later, the embassy spokesman said.

    "I understand they're all in good health," he said.

    The authorities declined to comment on whether a ransom had been paid, but a security source close to the situation said money had changed hands.

    Nigeria, which normally pumps 2.5 million barrels of crude a day, is the fifth-largest source of oil imports to the US.

    The attack had no impact on oil output as the facility is an exploration rig that will not produce crude for years.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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