Comments: Cooler heads must prevail

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sandy Shanks's editorial Cooler heads must prevail.

    The Republican congress has laid down arms for the November general elections. Their strategy concerning Bush's foreign policy is that the best defence is a good offence. 

    They are closing ranks in support of continued American military presence in Iraq, which must be taken up as a challenge by the Democrats and other opposition parties. It's imperative that Bush's opposition rise to the challenge with clear alternatives to Bush's foreign policy and not waffle in their message. 


    Otherwise, there will be a re-election of this Republican congress with continued military confrontation used as the sole means of resolving political differences.

    John Rutledge, US


    Terrorism is born and live in the US. Its name is CIA. Democratic countries must get a UN resolution to allow the control of nuclear activity in US. Italy must work on the issue that every nuclear material in the American bases [in Italy] must go away.

    Small, Italy 



    Have we not learned anything from our getting involved in Iraq? All the lies and lost lives … I just do not trust the Bush people after the farce they put this country through.

    Carl E Zeh, US


    Why would we in the West allow our worst enemy to aquire the worst weapons known to man? I have seen the anti-West demonstrations on TV for the last 30 years. Maybe it's time we settled this issue.


    As for a possible successful invasion of Iran; well Japan had to learn the hard way too that religious fanaticism is no substitute for sound weapons and tactics. Once again I say it's time we settled this score. Iran is going to lose, the only question is how badly?

    Warren, UK


    I say the US should give Iran the best nukes they have; then maybe the US will not be considered a threat any more, and maybe it would be seen as a country that is here to help.


    I live in the US and sometimes I feel I am treated as a terrorist just because of my thoughts on the insanity that is happening in the world. I will probably be whacked or sent to life in prison because I still have a mind of my own.


    TJF, US


    Your opinions only encourage the parasites and cowards that live off and hide behind the efforts and strivings of men far superior to them. The self-defined righteousness you project is but a thin veil, barely hiding the truth.


    Pop, US

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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