Team profile: South Korea

The lack of a world class striker and a partisan home crowd makes the South Korean task of repeating their last World Cup effort a tough one. A generous draw should help matters, but they still may find the going tough.

    FIFA Ranking: 29

    Coach: Dick Advocaat

    Key players: Park Ji-Sung, Lee Young-Pyo, Ahn Jung-Hwan

    World Cup record: Seventh appearance

    Best finish: Semi-finals 2002

    Qualifying route: Second in Asian Group A

    Key question: Another Dutch coach, another charge towards the final?


    Goalkeepers #
    Lee Woon-Jae 1
    Kim Yong-Dae 20
    Kim Young-Kwang 21
    Kim Young-Chul 2
    Kim Dong-Jin 3
    Choi Jin-Cheul 4
    Kim Jin-Kyu 6
    Lee Young-Pyo 12
    Kim Sang-Sik 18
    Song Chong-Gug 22
    Cho Won-Hee 23
    Kim Nam-Il 5
    Park Ji-Sung 7
    Kim Do-Heon 8
    Lee Eul-Yong 13
    Baek Ji-Hoon 15
    Lee Ho 17
    Ahn Jung-Hwan 9
    Park Chu-Young 10
    Seol Ki-Hyeon 11
    Lee Chun-Soo 14
    Chung Kyung-Ho 16
    Cho Jae-Jin 19

    Group matches:

    v Togo, 13:00 GMT, Tuesday 13th June - Frankfurt

    v France, 19:00 GMT, Sunday 18th June - Leipzig

    v Switzerland, 19:00 GMT, Friday 23rd June - Hanover

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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