Preview: Ecuador v Germany

World Cup hosts Germany play tournament surprise packet Ecuador in their final group match to determine the winner of Group A in Berlin on Tuesday.

    The Golden Bomber ready for another challenge

    The winner of the group will face either England or Sweden who play hours later in Cologne, h

    owever German coach Jurgen Klinsmann believes the benefits of winning the group are simple.

    "It is not just about winning the group to get the ideal stadia or play against certain opposition, it is to give us more self confidence," Klinsmann said.

    "We want to go into the last 16 on a high. It has been a good start and hopefully there are five more games for us."

    Expected to struggle away from their high altitude home, Ecuador go into the match needing only to draw to secure top spot, however coach Luis Suarez wasn’t entertaining that option.

    "If we play for a draw there is a good chance we will lose the game," Suarez said.

    "Some players are tired so we may rest them but that does not mean we are playing for a draw."

    "Beat Germany"

    Striker Agustin Delgado, who has scored in both of Ecuador's matches was also in an ebullient mood.

    "No. We will not settle for a draw. We want to beat Germany and finish top," declared Delgado.
    "It will be difficult because they have home advantage but I hope it turns out to be a beautiful evening."

    Confidence is a commodity coming easily for the South Americans after they guaranteed a place in the elimination rounds in just their second World Cup Finals appearance.

    However while the continent is usually known for its attacking style, it has been La Tricolour’s defence that has laid the foundation for their success.

    Philipp Lahm: A star on the rise

    If Germany are to beat their opponents they’ll need to be the first side to score against Ecuador this World Cup.

    With that in mind, Klinsmann has declared he will ignore warnings to rest players on a yellow card and field his strongest team, which obviously includes captain Michael Ballack.

    "I can't be afraid (of another booking) otherwise I will not win my tackles and that will not be good for us," explained the Chelsea bound midfielder.

    Christoph Metzelder and David Odonkor are the two other Germany players carrying cautions.

    The South Americans have four players on yellow cards; Ulises De La Cruz, Ivan Hurtado, Edison Mendez and Segundo Castillo.

    While most of the world’s media are focused on the possible round of 16 match up between traditional rivals England and Germany, the three time champions are unfazed.

    "It does not matter whether it is England or Sweden," said Polish born striker Lukas Podolski.

    "If you want to be world champions you have to beat the good teams anyway."

    Germany came back down to earth in the last game as they struggled to overcome Poland.

    Ecuador should be a sterner test and should they cause yet another surprise their already delirious fans will be in dream land.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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