Robinho out of Ghana game

Brazilian striker Robinho is out of the clash against Ghana as the five time world champions look to cement a place in the quarter finals.

    Robinho: thrown in the deep end to recover from a thigh injury

    The 22 year old has been suffering from a thigh injury and tests have revealed it will force him out of the match against the African debutants.

    "Robinho will therefore miss Tuesday's game against Ghana and carry on with physiotherapy," said a statement from the Brazilian Football Confederation.

    "It's just a little problem," Robinho insisted.
    "I'll keep on with the treatment and then, God willing, I can be back in contention if the team beat Ghana."

    The Real Madrid striker has been the form forward of the Brazilian squad and has impressed in all three games, including their last match against Japan in which he started ahead of Inter Milan forward Adriano.

    In his absence it is likely the burly forward will return to partner Ronaldo.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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