Quarters for Brazil, record for Ronaldo

Brazil have qualified for the quarter finals after they defeated Ghana 3-0 in Dortmund and Ronaldo has again put himself into World Cup legend.

    Lean, mean goal scoring machine?

    The Africans were shellshocked early when Brazilian striker Ronaldo became the highest scorer in the tournament’s history when he scored his 15th World Cup goal after just five minutes.

    Midfielder Kaka threaded a ball through the defence and Ronaldo sprung the offside trap when defender John Pantsil was caught dragging the line and the man dubbed O Fenomeno, "The Phenomenon" showed a delightful finish to etch himself into the record books.

    It was vintage Ronaldo as he turned on the afterburners to streak away before a cool step over completely fooled goal keeper Richard Kingson before he slotted it home.

    Then in the second minute of added time Inter Milan striker Adriano had his side’s second when he knocked in a Cafu cross to give the debutants a mountain to climb.

    The goal was Brazil’s 200th in World Cup Finals.

    Ze Roberto makes it three

    With just six minutes remaining a 25 pass move put Bayern Munich’s Ze Roberto through on goal and he chipped Kingson before ensuring the ball went into the net and the South Americans on to the next round.

    The score could have been much higher if not for the late heroics of Ankaraspor goalkeeper Kingson who made a number of last ditch saves as the clock wound down.

    The Africans cause was not helped when they lost striker Asamoah Gyan with 10 minutes remaining when he was sent off for his second bookable offence after referee Lubos Michel ruled he had dived in the box.

    Earlier, Adriano could have sealed the win on 15 minutes had he not be so selfish when a carbon copy pass of the first goal again had the Brazilian strikers bearing down on goal.

    But with Ronaldo in space to his left he chose to attempt to round Kingston as his prolific teammate had done, but the result was different.

    Adriano one goal, one clanger

    He failed.

    He dived.

    He was yellow carded.

    In the end it was academic as his side maintained their record of never conceding a goal against African opposition in the World Cup Finals.

    The Black Stars had a number of gilt edged chances, but the best fell to burly defender John Mensah in the first half whose powerful header needed a last ditch save, or more precisely his foot, from Brazilian custodian Dida to keep the ball out.

    Ghana's second half shooting was full of intent but lacking in the accuracy needed.

    Brazil are improving with every match and will be big hurdle for the winner of tonight’s match between France and Spain.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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