France lose Cisse for Cup

The World Cup is over for French striker Djibril Cisse after he broke his leg in his side's 3-1 victory over China in a friendly last night.

    Shattered dreams

    The Liverpool player collapsed in agony after colliding with Chinese captain Zhi Zheng in the 11th minute.

    He was stretchered from the field and underwent surgery on his tibia last night.

    Afterwards Raymond Domenech, the French coach, was not drawn on a replacement.

    "We don't know the name of his replacement yet. We want to take our time in order to make the right decision.

    "This is a big shock and a huge trauma for the team," he said.

    However, either Barcelona's Ludovic Giuly or Fenerbahce's Nicolas Anelka will replace the 24-year old.

    Cisse has previously suffered a broken leg which kept him out of most of the 2004-05 English season. His future at Liverpool is also in doubt with a move back to his homeland on the cards.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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