100 England fans arrested

Approximately 100 England fans were detained in Stuttgart overnight after violent disturbances marked the build up to the team’s World Cup second round match against Ecuador on Sunday.

    Football might not be coming home, but he is

    The fans, many of whom were affected by alcohol, began by taunting passers by before things escalated to include throwing bottles, glasses and chairs.

    Police then surrounded the group and herded them into police vans.

    Deputy local police chief Michael Kuehner said the firm response showed "aggressive drinking, violence and harassment will be nipped in the bud with decisive action".
    "We will continue to take action against violent fans regardless of their nationality," he added.

    On Wednesday, police detained 137 rowdy fans, most of them German after scuffles broke out in Cologne following England’s 2-2 draw with Sweden.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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