Sancho fumes at Crouch 'foul'

Trinidad and Tobago defender Brent Sancho says he was "definitely" fouled by England’s Peter Crouch, as the striker scored England’s opening goal in the 83rd minute of the match.

    Did the referee miss something?

    Images shown on German television after the match and released on news agency photo wires appear to show Crouch possibly tugging on the Gillingham defender's dreadlocks as the England giant lunges to head a cross from David Beckham into the T & T net.

    After a lackluster performance for most of the match, the goal set England on their way to an eventual 2-0 win over the Soca Warriors.

    "The first goal was definitely a foul by Crouch. He was all over my back," said Sancho after the match.

    "Crouch was all over me. He was definitely pulling me back and that meant I couldn't get to him.


    From another viewpoint

    "But don't forget, we are tiny Trinidad and Tobago and there is no way that the referee was going to blow that whistle and disallow the goal."

    Sancho said he and his team were "gutted, just gutted" at the result, which may have partly cleared the way for England’s second goal from Steven Gerrard in the 90th minute.

    But he said Crouch’s goal was critical.

    "The first one was the crucial one so late in the game and I was fouled," he said.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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