Preview: France v South Korea

South Korea face a French side with plenty to prove as Group G heats up in Leipzig on Sunday.

    The key man for France: Zinedine Zidane

    When France won the 1998 World Cup with a 3-0 victory against Brazil, scoring goals was all too easy.

    How times have changed.

    Raymond Domenech’s side's dull scoreless draw with Switzerland meant the three World Cup Finals match goal drought continued for another game, and should a further 90 minutes be added to the tally one can only imagine the headlines in France.

    Juventus striker David Trezeguet, who was an unused substitute in his France’s opening game felt his team needed to be more aggressive.

    "It's my opinion that we have to push forward, we've got all the attributes to do that.
    "Brazil don't ask themselves any questions, they just do it," the Argentinean raised star said.

    His coach, who continued his war with the French press after the opener, agreed with his target man.

    "I want us to be more adventurous - I want to set the dogs free against Korea," he said.

    Ahn leads the way

    They’ll need to, as anything but a win in this match will see the French staring at a second straight elimination from the World Cup finals at the group stage.

    By contrast their opponents South Korea started the tournament positively with a 2-1 come from behind win against Togo.

    Expected to struggle away from home, the Taeguk Warriors showed in their first game the fighting spirit which made them the surprise packet of the 2002 tournament.

    Dutch coach Dick Advocaat is expected to play a defensive 4-3-3 formation and look to hit the 1998 Champions on the break.

    Once again the attacking burden will be carried by striker Ahn Jung-Hwan, who scored the winner against Togo, and Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung.

    Hiddink Mark II?

    "Hopefully France has not a good day and we have a very good day. That is what I hope," said the former Dutch coach.

    "It is quite simple - everybody expects that France will win, so there is no reason for our team to be nervous. They just have to go out and play their game."

    A must win game for France, how will they respond to the pressure?

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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