Brazil win game but few admirers

Brazil collected three points, but few admirers as they accounted for Australia 2-0 in Munich.

    Right said Fred: The substitute seals the win

    The World Champions again started slowly with their opener not coming until the second half when Brazilian strikers Adriano and Ronaldo finally looked close to their peak when they combined to open the scoring.

    The portly Ronaldo held up play before sliding the ball across the top of the box to Inter Milan’s Adriano and the big striker held off his marker before sending the ball between Australian defender Scott Chipperfield’s legs and into the right hand corner of the goal.

    Their second came with minutes remaining when substitute Fred tapped in a ball which had rebounded off the post after fellow substitute Robinho had cannoned the ball in.


    As they did against Japan, Australia left their charge late.

    Their best shot came from Parma midfielder Marco Bresciano whose freekick had Brazil’s Dida at full stretch to repel ten minutes from the end.

    Marco Bresciano goes close

    Captain Mark Viduka was also desperately unlucky not to add to his meager tally of goals for his country as he flicked on a Bresciano free kick to see it miss by inches, while two minutes later a chip over the advancing keeper went just over the bar.

    No sign of samba style

    In truth it was not a game which announced the arrival of the World Champions.

    Their first choice front two of Adriano and Ronaldo looked well off their game and this was highlighted by the arrival of Real Madrid striker Robinho on 72 minutes.

    The dimunitive striker’s energy and artistry caused more trouble to the Australian defence in his brief appearance than his more senior strikers combined.

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    While Brazil advance to the round of 16, coach Carlos Alberto Parreira will have some sleepless nights ahead as he no doubt wonders whether he can do what was once unthinkable and drop Ronaldo.

    Australia while also off their best in attack defended soundly.

    The central pairing of Lucas Neill and Craig Moore were rarely troubled, but at the other end Dida was called upon only once to break a sweat.

    One talking point occured on the half hour when Australian midfielder Mile Sterjovski rolled the ball out when he thought he heard a whistle which had called him off side.

    He didn't and he wasn't.

    Then a minute later, Ronaldo was yellow carded for not reacting to the referee's whistle.

    The rotund striker's defence centering around the fact he didn't hear the whistle.

    Surely when FIFA allows 66,000 people into a stadium and allows them to blow whistles to their heart's content they should be a little more lenient when a player doesn't react to the important one.

    Another was Australia's Harry Kewell seeking out referee Markus Merk for a barrage of abuse after the final whistle.

    The Liverpool player obviously frustrated by a foul count which read 25-9 in the South Americans favour.

    Brazil will play Japan in their final group match in Dortmund on Thursday.

    The Socceroos play Croatia at the same time in Stuttgart and need to at least draw to also progress to the next round.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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