Team profile: Australia

A return to the world stage after 32 years has the island nation in the grip of Cup fever. Expectant Socceroo supporters are demanding a better performance than their debut effort - also in Germany, which failed to yield a single goal.

    FIFA Ranking: 42

    Coach: Guus Hiddink

    Key players: Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell

    World Cup record: Second appearance

    Best finish: First round 1974

    Qualifying route: Defeated Uruguay in playoff

    Key question: Can Guus Hiddink achieve a footballing miracle and take yet another of his side’s to a World Cup semi final?


    Goalkeepers #
    Mark Schwarzer 1
    Ante Covic 12
    Zeljko Kalac 18
    Lucas Neill 2
    Craig Moore 3
    Tony Popovic 6
    Scott Chipperfield 14
    Michael Beauchamp 16
    Mark Milligan 22
    Tim Cahill 4
    Jason Culina 5
    Brett Emerton 7
    Josip Skoko 8
    Stan Lazaridis 11
    Vince Grella 13
    Luke Wilkshire 20
    Mile Sterjovski 21
    Marco Bresciano 23
    Mark Viduka 9
    Harry Kewell 10
    John Aloisi 15
    Archie Thompson 17
    Josh Kennedy 19

    Group matches:

    v Japan, 13:00 GMT, Monday 12th June - Kaiserslautern

    v Brazil, 16:00 GMT, Sunday 18th June - Munich

    v Croatia, 19:00 GMT, Thursday 22nd June - Stuttgart

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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