Preview: England v Trinidad and Tobago

The Soca Warriors of Trinidad and Tobago will attempt to recreate the heroics which saw them claim their first ever point in the World Cup Finals when the face the highly fancied England on Thursday.

    England's captain looking for a big win

    The wild celebrations after their debut game will be surpassed ten times over if they can down or draw with one of the tournament favourites England.

    With Trinidad and Tobago drawing most of their players from the lower leagues of England and Scotland, the game has been drawn as the classic David and Goliath battle.

    However Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker refused to be intimidated.

    "The Swedes played with strikers from Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona. We had lads from Jabloteh, Gillingham and Wrexham," he said.

    Beenhakker even had time to question England’s team unity and credentials as contenders.

    Michael Owen: under pressure


    England have great players but

    they don't win tournaments and you have to ask yourself why," the former Saudi Arabian coach said.
    "It's like Real Madrid. You can have all of the stars in the world but if you cannot play as a team then the stars do not matter."

    Early pressure

    After impressive performances by Argentina, the Czech Republic, Netherlands and Germany in their first up matches England fans are keen to see their team post a victory worthy of their hype.

    England captain David Beckham was aware of the need to satisfy their fans back home.

    "The fans are aware of how we can play and the potential we have in our team," the England captain said.

    "We do want to perform, we do want to excite, and we want to prove to people that we can play at this level and we can perform like the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Holland or Italy.
    "There's no doubt in my mind that we can do it," the Real Madrid star said.

    However, Coventry striker Stern John has made it clear his side isn’t there to help the English build confidence.

    "We know the England game will be very tough," said the forward who plays in England’s second tier competition.

    "You are only as good as your last game but we ground out a result against Sweden and hopefully we can build on it.
    "People who have been watching all over the world will be talking about this and Trinidad and Tobago players for years to come."

    Yorke: the key man again

    From Real Madrid to Coventry City that says it all about game.

    Another big night for Dwight

    Once again Trinidad and Tobago will look to their captain Dwight Yorke, the only T&T player with a CV to match an English opponent for inspiration and creativity from midfield.

    Coach Beenhakker will hand the gloves to opening match hero Shaka Hislop again after his sterling performance as Kelvin Jack remains unavailable through injury.

    England’s Sven Goran Eriksson hinted that he may use striker Wayne Rooney at one stage, although those musings proved premature, but he’ll keep faith in the Michael Owen/Peter Crouch combination.

    All pressure will be on the 1966 champion when the two sides kick off in Nuremberg on Thursday.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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