Iraq fails to fill security posts

A session of Iraq's parliament in which new defence and interior ministers were expected to be chosen has been postponed indefinitely, the deputy speaker says.

    Al-Maliki is struggling to impose order in Iraq

    Khaled al-Attiya did not give reasons for the postponement on Sunday but government sources said the powerful Shia Alliance is deadlocked on a nominee for the interior ministry post.

    Shia Alliance sources said the the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq threatened to reject former Shia army officer Farouk al-Araji for the interior portfolio.

    Al-Araji was nominated by Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister.

    A rejection could split the bloc, to which al-Maliki belongs.

    Some members of the Shia Alliance said a deal could still be struck later in the day.

    Intense wrangling led al-Maliki to leave the defence and interior posts empty when he unveiled his government of national unity on May 20.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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