No Cup for streakers

The Bobbies always get their man.

    German police have outlawed these sorts of helmets

    English police have stripped convicted streaker Craig Bowler, 28, of his passport in an effort to prevent him attending the World Cup.

    In September 2003 Bowler was banned from domestic and international matches after running naked across the pitch in a match between Wimbledon and Sheffield United.

    He had been ordered to surrender his passport before May 31 under the terms of his football banning order, but having failed to do so was arrested and questioned by officers.

    Serial British streaker Mark Roberts has also been banned from travelling to the World Cup in Germany.

    Meanwhile, two England fans were deported after wearing banned Nazi symbols after England’s opening match.

    The two men, aged 21 and 24, were detained outside the stadium after being spotted wearing "SS runes" which are strictly outlawed in Germany.

    They were handed over to English authorities on Tuesday after being deported.

    German police have also been stopping Dutch fans from entering grounds whilst wearing orange replica SS helmets.



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