Ukraine better in the rain

Ukraine look a rejuvenated side as they have coasted to a 4-0 victory over Saudi Arabia in their match in Hamburg.

    Ukraine celebrate Shevchenko's third

    The rain helps Ukraine forget the pain of Spain.

    Two goals in each half helped Oleg Blokhin’s men put themselves right back in the race for a spot in the final 16.

    It didn’t take long for Ukraine to get on the scoreboard when after just four minutes Saudi goal keeper Mabrouk Zaid opted for some unnecessary trickery and conceded a corner.

    Ukrainian midfielder Maksym Kalinichenko provided some superb service for defender Andriy Rusol to bundle the ball into the back of the net.

    On 36 minutes Dynamo Kiev midfielder Serhiy Rebrov got his name on the score sheet when he hit a long range effort which again seemed to fool Zaid as the deficit for his side doubled.

    Serhiy Rebrov send home the

    The second half was only 40 seconds old when another pin point cross from FIFA man of the match Kalinichenko found Shevchenko and he headed the ball into the back of the net to effectively kill off any thoughts of any comeback from the 'sons of the desert'.

    Six minutes from time Kalinichenko deservedly got himself on the scoresheet when he was on hand as Shevchenko unselfishly laid the ball into the path of the Spartak Moscow player.

    The Europeans were unlucky not to have won by a margin twice as large.

    On 13 minutes former West Ham player Rebrov blasted the ball over the bar from five yards when it seemed easier to score w

    hile with a minute to go in the first half Bayer Leverkeusen forward Andriy Voronin went just wide after some more comedy capers around the box from Saudi Arabia gifted him another chance.

    With the points sealed the players left on the field in the final minutes seemed keen to practice from range rather than look for the high percentage pass.

    The Saudis on the other hand could not get a shot on target during the entire match.

    The only real chance for Saudi Arabia came when a deflection from goal scorer Andriy Rusol almost flew into his own net.

    Ching ching as the chenko's

    The Europeans looked a different side to the one trounced 4-0 by Spain five days ago, while their Asian opponents seemed to slip back into some bad old habits.

    Ukrainian coach Blokhin made a number of changes to his starting side, both through choice and necessity and they seemed to work wonders.

    While Saudi Arabia’s Brazilian coach Marcos Paqueta must have rued labelling Ukraine "a weak team" earlier in the week.

    Ukraine play their final game against Tunisia in Berlin on Friday and will be looking for victory to ensure passage into the next round.

    Saudi Arabia play Spain and need victory and other results to go in their favour, but after today their chances look very slim.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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