Klose and Klose

Germany has claimed top spot in Group A with a 3-0 win over Ecuador in Berlin.

    Ecuador had trouble even getting Klose

    While Poland have been eliminated from tournament, two Polish born players plying their trade for Germany cemented the hosts third straight win.

    Two first half goals from Miroslav Klose set up the victory with the icing on the cake coming after 57 minutes when  20 year old strike partner Lukas Podolski scored his first goal of the tournament.

    Werder Bremen target man Klose got on the score sheet after just four minutes when an interchange of passes in the box between defender Per Mertesacker and midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger saw the Bayern Munich player knock the ball back for Klose to finish with authority.

    Then with just a minute to go in the first half, he was on hand again as a breakdown in communication in the Ecuadorian defence allowed him to round goalkeeper Cristian Mora to slide home the simplest of World Cup goals.

    Podolski breaks his drought

    In the second half, Podolski finally answered his critics with a goal that came after the Germans showed their ability on the break.

    Schweinsteiger was again the man to supply the crucial pass when he picked out last start captain Bernd Schneider who then crossed the ball into the box for the Bayern Munich bound player to finish.

    The relief felt on the player was obvious as he celebrated enthusiastically with his team mates.

    With the match effectively over neither side seemed to keen to push themselves with bigger matches ahead.

    Captain Michael Ballack came close with a long drive on 76 minutes but his shot flew harmless over the bar.

    The South Americans started the game with a new strike pairing of Ivan Kaviedes and Felix Borja after coach Luis Suarez decided to rest star strikers Carlos Teniorio and Agustin Delgado ahead of the round of 16 match.

    The new duo struggled with the German defence only managing two shots on target during the entire match.

    La Tricolour will go away and reflect on happier times as they prepare for their historic first match in the elimination stages of the World Cup.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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