Team profile: Tunisia

Tunisia arrive in Germany as the quiet achiever of the African qualifiers. The fact that they have reached their fourth finals and third in succession has been largely ignored, due to the attention afforded to the four debutants from the CAF. Yet to progress from the group stages, they will see this

    FIFA Ranking: 21


    Coach: Roger Lemerre


    Key players: Karim Saidi, Silva dos Santos, Kaies Ghodhbane


    World Cup record: Fourth appearance


    Best finish: First round (1978, 1998, 2002)


    Last appearance: First round 2002


    Key question: Can the Brazilian born Silva dos Santos inspire the North Africans?




    Goalkeepers #
    Ali Boumnijel 1
    Adel Nefzi 16
    Hamdi Kasraoui 22
    Karim Haggui 3
    Alaeddine Yahia 4
    Hatem Trabelsi 6
    Mehdi Meriah 7
    Rahdi Jaidi 15
    David Jemmali 18
    Anis Ayari 19
    Karim Saidi 21
    Mehdi Nafti 8
    Kaies Ghodhbane 10
    Jawher Mnari 12
    Riadh Bouazizi 13
    Adel Chedli 14
    Hamed Namouchi 20
    Sofiene Melliti 23
    Karim Essediri 2
    Zied Jaziri 5
    Yassine Chikhaoui 9
    Silva Dos Santos 11
    Issam Jomaa 17


    Group matches:


    v Saudi Arabia, 16:00 GMT, Wednesday 14th June - Munich


    v Spain, 19:00 GMT, Monday 19th June - Stuttgart


    v Ukraine, 14:00 GMT, Friday 23rd June - Berlin

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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