Impressive Ecuador advance

Ecuador and Germany are the first two teams through to the second round of the 2006 World Cup Finals with the South Americans enjoying an impressive 3-0 victory over Costa Rica in Hamburg.

    Carlos Tenorio scores his second for the tournament

    In a match dominated by coach Luis Suarez's team, Ecuador led Costa Rica 1-0 at the break through a Carlos Tenorio goal – his second in as many matches, when he headed in from a Luis Valencia cross in the 8th minute.

    Just like their first match against Poland where Tenorio scored in the first half, fellow forward Agustin Delgado added another after the break with his second goal of the tournament.

    Then in added time, impressive substitute striker Ivan Kaviedes iced the match with a good finish from an Edison Mendez cross.

    Former Southampton striker Delgado had a shot on target saved by Jose Porras in the 53rd minute, but just seconds later he beat the Costa Rican keeper from close range at the near post.

    Super hero: Ivan Kaviedes can't
    mask his celebration

    The Central Americans were almost given a life line when Alvaro Saborio sent a shot crashing off the crossbar in the 87th minute, but Kaviedes put emphasis on an authoritative win when he slotted home late in the match.

    For Los Ticos, things just didn’t come together as they struggled to maintain possession, or to make any good use of the ball that they did get.

    The result also sees the first two teams exiting the tournament in Costa Rica and Poland, who have both lost two from two, and now meet in a consolation game for pride in Hanover on Tuesday, June 21.

    For today’s victors it is sweet success in a Group that Germany and Poland were expected to dominate. 

    Ecuador will now play Germany in Berlin, also on 21st June, to decide which team tops Group A and goes on to meet the second placed finishers in Group B.

    Early action

    Earlier, Qatar based Ecuadorian Tenorio scored a headed goal off midfielder Valencia’s cross when Costa Rican defender Douglas Sequeira found himself on the wrong side of the Al Sadd striker, giving him a free header and Ecuador a 1-0 lead.

    An attempted cross by Valencia in the 41st minute almost resulted in a second for Ecuador goal as it took a deflection and almost beat keeper Porras.

    The action continued towards the end of the half as Sequeira missed an open header at the far post for the Central Americans after a deep cross by Herediano player Leonardo Gonzalez.

    Delgado then squandered a great chance just before the break when Mendez sent in a cross from the right, with the big Liga de Quito target man unable to make good connection when right in front.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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