Big screens small crowds

World Cup street parties and live venues may be all the rage in some countries, but it doesn’t seem that way in England.

    The big screen concept has certainly taken off in Korea

    The Lancashire Evening Post reported that only 20 people braved the conditions to watch the Brazil v Japan match on an expensively erected 27 metre screen which costs $910,000 and $9,100 per day to operate.

    The regional paper reported that only four people and a dog attended the earlier fixture.

    The public broadcaster was slammed by one member of parliament for a perceived waste of tax-payers money.

    "It would have been cheaper, and probably gained more of an audience for the games on show, if they had bought five plasma screens and given them to the people there and told them to invite their friends along," said Nigel Evans, the MP for Ribble Valley.

    Similar screens have been erected at 26 other venues around the country.

    However screens in London and Liverpool were removed when crowd problems occured during England’s first game against Paraguay.



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