Commentts: Intolerance and Islam

A selection of comments sent to in response to Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti's editorial, Intolerance shows ignorance of Islam.

    If we followed Islam the way it ought to be, many of our problems in our homelands would not exist today.

    Anwar Hussain, Canada


    I think Islam shows intolerance toward the Christian people of the world.

    James Morgan, US


    We hear little about "moderate" Islam, so it is interesting to hear a different side. I think many westerners would like to learn more about Islam just to understand more about the Muslim world. 

    However, when Americans hear only how much we are hated, it is easier to just walk away with the feeling of: "Well, they just hate us anyway, so why bother?"

    Rosalie Baine, US


    There is both tolerance and intolerance on both sides of the Christian/Islam divide. Though I've never seen studies, my gut reaction is that the proportions are the same for both religions: a majority of believers are peaceful and loving, while a minority is bigoted and vicious.

    David VanDyne, US


    If more Muslims could be convinced that what you say is the real truth, then the world would be a more peaceful and less dangerous place.

    Lee, US

    If this true, it should be sent to the law makers in the Islamic nations to re-evaluate their laws.


    Muslims seem to believe they are morally superior - when really they are intolerant extremists, who paint themselves as victims of everything and continuously moan about being misunderstood. Most westerners couldn't care less about Muslims or Islam. 
    Jake Walker, Canada


    I am a Christian. Although I have no intention of changing my religion, I do want to understand other beliefs. If I understand, I cannot be offensive accidentally. I believe that ignorance is the root of all evil, not religious beliefs.
    Tony Connolly, UK


    The article is very good, but the writer must give his view on why Muslims fell away from their religion. The reason may vary from place to place.

    Enam Khan, India


    Thank you for your article. It makes me less afraid of Muslims.

    Steve Bamberger, US


    If Islam is so peace-loving, then step in and stop the fanaticism and killing of those who disagree with it. If Islam is so peaceful, then let's see Islam police itself. 
    Lissas Barnes, US


    I wish our Arab brothers in the oil-rich countries would show a reflection to this issue. I am a Kuwait-born Pakistani; I cannot even visit my family in Kuwait when I want to.
    Hassan, Pakistan

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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