Four killed as Dahab hunt continues

An Egyptian police officer and three suspects were killed in clashes in the north of the Sinai peninsula amid a manhunt for the perpetrators of last month's deadly resort bombings, security sources said.

    Last month's bombings in Dahab left 18 people dead

    Two police were also wounded in Monday's exchanges which came after another deadly firefight on Sunday in which three suspects were killed.
    According to Maher Abdel Wahed, the attorney general, the final toll  for the bombings in Dahab last month - which struck at a peak  holiday season - stands at 18 killed and 90 wounded.
    Twelve Egyptians were killed as well as six foreigners - two Russians, a German child, a Swiss national, a Yemeni and a Hungarian.
    The attacks, the third such bombings on the same tourist-packed coastline in 18 months, also left 58 Egyptians and 32 foreigners wounded.



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