Iraq cabinet list

The new Iraqi cabinet accommodates almost all ethnic, religious and sectarian groups in the country and includes four women.

    The government was endorsed by the parliament on Saturday

    The cabinet comprises 20 Shias, nine Kurds, nine Sunni Arabs, and one Christian. 
    The following is the list of ministers with affiliations in brackets:

    Nouri al-Maliki: Prime minister (Shia)

    Barham Saleh: Deputy prime minister (Kurd)

    Salam al-Zubaie: Deputy prime minister (Sunni Arab)

    Nouri al-Maliki: Acting interior minister (Shia)

    Salam al-Zubaie: Acting defence minister (Sunni Arab)

    Hussain al-Shahristani: Oil minister (Shia)

    Bayan Jabr: Finance minister (Shia)

    Abed Falah al-Sudani: Trade minister (Shia).

    Hoshyar Zebari: Foreign minister (Kurd)

    Hashim al-Shebli: Justice minister (Sunni Arab)

    Karim Waheed: Electricity minister (Shia)

    Fawzi al-Hariri: Industry minister (Kurd)

    Latif Rashid: Water resources minister (Kurd)

    Bayan Dazee [woman]: Housing and construction minister (Kurd)

    Yarrub Nadim al-Aboudi: Agriculture minister (Shia)

    Khudayer Al-Khuzaie: Education minister (Shia)

    Abed Theyab: Higher education minister (Sunni Arab)

    Ali Al-Shemari: Health minister (Shia)

    Karim Mahdi: Transport minister (Shia)

    Abdul-Samad Rahman: Migration minister (Shia)

    Barham Saleh: Acting minister of state for national security (Kurd)

    Adel al-Assadi: Minister of state for civil society affairs ( Shia)

    Safa al-Safi: Minister of state for National Assembly Affairs (Shia)

    Jassim Mohammed Jaafar: Youth and sports minister (Shia)

    Liwa Semeism: Minister of state for tourism and archaeology affairs (Shia)

    Ali Baban: Planning and development cooperation minister (Sunni Arab)

    Mohammed Twafiq: Communications minister (Shia)

    Mahmoud Mohammed al-Radi: Labour and social affairs minister (Shia)

    Riyad Gharib: Municipalities and public works minister (Shia)

    Narmin Uthman [woman]: Environment minister (Kurd)

    Asaad Kamal Mohammed: Culture minister (Kurd)

    Fatin Abdel-Rahman [woman]: Minister of state for women affairs (Sunni Arab)

    Saad Tahir Abid: Minister of state for provincial affairs (Sunni Arab)

    Raed Fahmi: Science and technology minister (Sunni Arab)

    Wijdan Mikaeil [woman]: Human rights minister (Christian)

    Rafaa al-Esawi: Minister of state for foreign affairs (Sunni Arab)

    Akram al-Hakim: Minister of national dialogue (Shia)

    Mohammed Abbas Auraibi: Minister of state (Shia)

    Ali Mohammed Ahmed: Minister of state (Kurd)



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