Israeli troops let slacks slip to be hip

The Israeli army has launched an all-out war on a phenomenon it considers to be a threat to the very core of military discipline, women's low waistlines in army issue trousers.

    About 120 female soldiers have been confined to base

    An Israeli Defence Forces spokesman said 120 female soldiers had been confined to their bases after being caught wearing especially low-cut trousers, in violation of army standards.

    "As part of the IDF's enforcement policy, it was decided in the northern command to be stricter on making appearance conform to standards and on discipline," the spokesman said.
    Female soldiers who complained that the cut of army-issue slacks was unflattering to their figures found no sympathy among their commanders, who refused to admit the immodest fashion on to their bases.

    Military service is compulsory for 18-year-olds, and soldiers often redesign their uniforms on their own to be more fashionable.
    The Y-net website reported that disciplinary action has proved effective at least for the time being. Hundreds of pairs of trousers with lowered waistlines have been returned to quartermasters' stores to be traded in for those conforming to army standards.



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