Comments: The birth of global civil society

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Soumaya Ganoushi's editorial: The birth of global civil society.

    I think the day needs to come where all the nations of the world will stop claiming innocence about their own misguided actions.

    Acceptance, understanding and compassion have never been of much value to any governing body whether the body is religious or secular.


    Given the opportunity any group would eliminate an opposition if there were no consequences to these actions. We are humans but like animals we kill, fight, steal and rape. Just because we have the cautious ability to change these actions, does not mean we will.

    Stu, Canada


    With the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan comes the erosion of civil liberties at home. Tony Blair has for years been involved in the project of imposing a neoliberal economic system upon the UK.

    In 1997 UK voters threw out the Tories only to find that New Labour was just Thatcherism in drag (interestingly, the words "Tony Blair MP" is an anagram of "I'm Tory Plan B"!) The policies of Blair/Brown are pretty identical to those of David Cameron and the Tories.

    This convergence is why the emergence of new left parties across Europe is so important - the Left Party in Germany, Refoundation in Italy, Respect in the UK. Especially with the defeat of the new employment laws in France, and the victory of "people power", it seems that the tide is now beginning to turn against neoliberalism.    
    Tim Evans, UK

    Islam is a scientific and complete system of human life, but the enemies of Islam want to prove that it is a religion of terror through media.

    Nezam, Bangladesh


    If the US kept out of world affairs, then Kuwait would still be part of Iraq and all of Europe would be German. The cost to watch the aggression of your own neighbours is much higher if you do nothing pre-emptively.  But when you or your country falls under the hand of a radical leader, who will save you?  Who will you call or wish for?

    Joe, USA

    The alternative is that we are heading into an era of naked self-interest of nation-states. That seems a lot more likely.  

    Tom Jones, USA


    Leftists and Muslims (Arabs mostly) will soon be the biggest enemies ever seen in history. The difference between conservative Westerners and Muslims are indeed deep today - but the conflicts between leftists in the West will be a Big clash with Muslim and Arab societies.

    Osama Hourani, Sweden

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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