Interview questions for Robert Mugabe

Following are the questions from Al Jazeera's interview with Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe:

    Mugabe's interview with Aljazeera aired on April 3

    In the 26 years since Zimbabwe won independence, what has the government achieved and what challenges remain?

    How do you respond to criticism that confiscated land has been given to officials and leaders in your ruling party?


    about the decrease in agricultural productivity after the farm seizures?

    How has Zimbabwe gone from being an exporter to being an importer of agricultural products?

    Will Zimbabwe accept aid from the US and Britain?

    What would it take for the US and Britain to set up equal relations with Zimbabwe?

    How do you respond to criticism about Zimbabwe's human rights record?

    Zimbabwe in March paid $15 million to the International Monetary Fund before its due time. How could Zimbabwe pay so much

    without applying for loans?

    But reports say that Zimbabwe pays out more than it has in its capital reserves.

    Do you think that Zimbabwe's policy towards the Middle East will affect the people of Zimbabwe?

    How can Iraq end its cycle of violence and establish stability?

    What will be your legacy for Zimbabwe and Africa? Who will be your successor as president?

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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