Responses to Interview: Blogger Riverbend

Here is a selection of responses to Interview: Iraqi blogger Riverbend:

    Baghad Burning has been nominated for a literary prize

    The growing problems in America of the growing influence of fundamental Christian groups, the incompetent Bush administration, and the problems of the US economy, unfortunately obscure the realities of the Iraqi people.

    I hope that peace is forthcoming.

    I hope that we will provide your country with the foreign aid needed to rebuild.

    Jonathan Childress, USA

    I would definitely agree with the comments of Iraqis not trusting Americans. Why should they? 

    To them the whole occupation and invasion was based on oil, but after serving time in the U.S. Army through several invasions, I can certainly say that the idea of the U.S. being there only for the oil is somewhat misleading. 

    It was a mistake not to finish what we started in 1991 during the first Gulf War. Since departing Iraq we faced a defiant regime and the costs associated with keeping Saddam contained would have never ended. I am sure we would have had a sufficient force within the Middle East to do nothing more than to keep Saddam within the Iraqi borders.

    Iraqis are the blame for the lastest violence. If the people of Iraq wanted to they could have overthrown Saddam and his loyalists and many of the same violent acts would have followed.

    Ken Pace, USA

    I am a regular reader of her blog because it vividly shows the day-to-day life under the occupation. ...

    Just keep it up!

    Christopher Rand, USA

    How can a person be against the occupation but not anti-American?

    If the Americans had not illegally invaded Iraq, then there would be no occupation.

    Louise Kelly, Australia

    Excellent questions and an excellent interview. I've been reading Riverbend for a long time. She has earned every award.

    Mona Zaki

    As an Iraqi living abroad I'm proud to see an Iraqi woman from inside telling the things we all would like say to the world. Especialy in these difficult

    times when truth is a very rare thing to hear.

    Bane A, Sweden

    Riverbend's blog was the first true account of an Iraqi's current life that I have been able to see. I'm glad to have an English version of Al Jazeera.

    Paul, USA

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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