Kenyan convicted over suicide attempt

A Kenyan man has been convicted of attempting to commit suicide after jumping in a river because he despaired of his country's chaotic politics.

    Suicide is illegal in Kenya

    Stephen Nyamu Ngari, 68, admitted trying to drown himself in the Chania river on April 12 before villagers came to his rescue.


    Suicide is a crime in Kenya.


    "It is true I attempted to commit suicide," he told the court on Tuesday after pleading guilty.


    "I have always been disturbed by the political trend in the country since many political parties were introduced back in 1991."


    Dozens of political parties have been formed in Kenya since the former president, Daniel Arap Moi, introduced multi-party democracy 14 years ago.


    However, many have often featured the same politicians holding office for years or even decades.


    "I have never had peace and I thought that the best thing for me to have peace is to take away my life," Ngari said.


    The presiding magistrate, Elizabeth Osoro, ordered Ngari be sent for a mental evaluation before his sentencing, due on Friday.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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