Comments on Atwar Bahjat: A believer in Iraq

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Atwar Bahjat: A believer in Iraq:

    I just read your article about Atwar Bahjat. We in the US do not hear about people like Atwar. It is truly tragic for someone with her apparent credibility with all Iraqis to be killed. Your country needs more people like her.
    Fred, US

    A very revealing article about the journalist in Iraq. I was deeply saddened to see the destruction of the mosque. I cannot begin to understand who would do such a thing.

    Bill, US

    Your words hold each person who uses violence accountable for their own actions and the effect of their actions, regardless of their supposed "justification".

    This beautiful woman's life had a beneficial effect on her people, and even on those who might have considered her "on the other side" of this conflict. Can those who killed her say the same?

    While her story is told, there is hope for all people to learn to live in harmony and with respect for others.

    Mary Meline, US

    I so much appreciated your article on Atwar. I was very touched by who she was and what she did for her people.

    Hopefully, she didn't die in vain. If, starting with all your correspondents at Aljazeera, they followed her example of trying to unite all Iraqis, no matter their persuasion, you will all … bring peace, stability and prosperity to your country.  I so much wish that for everyone.

    Hannah Levitas, US

    Iraq needs more people like Atwar.

    It is impossible for we in America to understand the different cultures in Iraq and why they can't all get along to build a new and better country than before Mr Hussein.

    But regardless of what side you may be on, no one can ever defend the ongoing car bombings, suicide bombings and senseless killings of the Iraqi people and the innocent people in New York, London, Pakistan, Indonesia or all of the other targets of the terrorists.

    The people of the United States believe in freedom, human rights and democracy. This is not to say many innocent people have not been killed by our military operations as we defend ourselves. This is a great opportunity for Iraq, and if they blow it by fighting a senseless, long and bloody civil war, it will be their own fault.

    Ms Atwar understood the value of a united Iraq. This is the goal of America as well. We can all only hope and pray that the Iraqi people are intelligent enough to make it happen!

    Kenny Vaughn, US

    Thank you for that, Aljazeera, it feels good to have you around.

    Per Harry Hansen, Denmark

    Thank you so much for a beautiful and inspiring story. Keep up the excellent work. This world desperately needs reporters like you who tell the truth with passion and compassion.

    Joe Blum, US

    By a very unfortunate death, a glimmer of hope shines for a unified Iraq through brave souls such as Atwar Bahjat - a true Muslim and human being.

    Sjonutis, US

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