Iraq anniversary: Your views has received hundreds of emails from readers giving their thoughts on the situation in Iraq - the majority overwhelmingly critical of the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation.

    Car bombings have become a daily fact of life across Iraq

    Here we publish a sample of comments (click here to see a second page of your comments):

    Dezzybb, UK
    As an ex service man (I left the forces 15 yrs ago) I was never for the UK becoming involved in this war. Most people from the UK never did, it seemed to us that Tony Blair was being pulled into something he had no control overThe only saving grace for the west is bush cannot be re-elected to office, and hopefully in time Blair to will go. They have done nothing but bring shame on both our countries.

    Gibril Touray, England
    I think deposing Sadam was a grave error. He was the only kind of leader that could hold Iraq together. Americans did not know the history of Iraq. I think that would have helped them a lot and it would have forced them to think twice before taking a headlong decision to oust Saddam.

    Gene Cook, USA
    From an American point of view, I believe the invasion of Iraq was justified, but not a good strategy. In normal times the invasion would not have happened but, as you know, America had been attacked on Sept 11, 2001 and the American people felt very threatened and probably overreacted. Saddam Hussein deserved what he got but I do not mean to imply that he sponsored the attacks on America. There is no way to justify the suffering of the Iraq people from either the invasion or from Saddam Hussein and his supporters.

    Roberto Gonz?lez, Paraguay
    I strongly disagree with this cruel and unjust war. This war has very important consequences not only for Iraqis but also for all people in the world. I hope and I wish the best for the Iraqi people.

    Jerry Rodder, USA

    "It's a matter of time when Iran will get the same treatment if they develop nuclear weapons"

    I believe that the invasion was necessary based upon the intelligence reports of WMD that were available at that time. It's a matter of time when Iran will get the same treatment if they develop nuclear weapons.

    Martin Waterhouse, UK
    The decision to liberate the people of Iraq from the cruel despot Saddam Hussein was wholly justified and showed that the West occupies the high moral ground in this respect and champions the democratic ethic whenever it sees for itself that the latter is being threatened.

    Chris, USA

    "The US invasion of Iraq is as wrong today as it was three years ago"

    The justifications for the invasion have all proven to be either false, or at best, serious errors.  The only "justification" for the invasion that had any basis in fact was that Saddam was a brutal dictator.  But has the US or any other country used a similar justification for invasions in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South America?

    Uwe Bruhn, USA
    The US has opened a Pandora’s Box in the whole of the Arab world and contributed immensely to the instability of the region. I believe it is time for the US and its allies to withdraw and let the Iraqi people decide what kind of a future they want for their country. You can not impose democracy with a gun.

    Dr. Drish, USA

    "It is George Bush, not Saddam, who should be on trial for crimes against humanity"

    Saddam should not be tried for so-called "crimes against humanity" by any tribunal, Iraqi or otherwise.  When it comes to crimes against humanity, US sanctions against Iraq, and President Bush's invasion of the country, have resulted in more death, pain and suffering than that in any of the trumped up charges against Saddam.  It is George Bush, not Saddam, who should be on trial for crimes against humanity. Iraq is now a lost cause, destined for civil war.

    John, USA
    The most positive outcome of our Iraq invasion that I can see is that future US presidents will have a more difficult time convincing our congress to give them war powers for an invasion, and there may be an anti-military reaction here that reduces the military spending in our country.

    Bob Khan, South Africa
    Its high time the people of Iraq realize what’s happening. Their oilfields are being destroyed and oil is been sucked out. When the west leaves there will be no oil left and the people of Iraq will be begging.

    Jason Alster, Israel

    "The war was justified because Iraq was a threat to all it's neighbours"

    The war was justified because Iraq was a threat to all it's neighbours with or without weapons of mass destruction. The problems in Iraq now are related to the same Iraqi people who threatened their neighbours.

    J , Canada
    This war was unjustified from the get go. No WMDs found, then their excuse was regime change, and now that Saddam is being tried they are still bogged down.
    America is creating instability around the globe.  Time for Mr. Bush to be tried for war crimes!

    Nathan, India
    The war was never justified. America has waged an illegal war based on lies. Saddam Hussein can be seen to be an angel compared to Bush. At least he held Iraq together whereas now the whole Middle East will become Shia vs Sunni.

    Krapotkin, Texas, USA
    Three years of wasted lives and wealth. This criminal un-provoked aggression against a third world country by the only alleged Superpower - under false pretences - should not be left un-punished by the world community. The UN international court in Holland just lost its star customer. Bush should replace him, he will give the world a great show. His hands are more bloodied than Milosevic's ever were...

    David Matte, Canada

    "I fear the fate of Iraq will resemble the fate of Yugoslavia"

    The trial of Saddam Hussein is a joke. The United States continues to claim that they are the protectors of Freedom and Democracy yet they have set up a kangaroo court to preside over his case. For the world to see the U.S as a legitimate harbinger of freedom and democracy, they should have shipped the former dictator to The Hague. I fear the fate of Iraq will resemble the fate of Yugoslavia. A once proud nation, with undercurrents of mistrust, broke apart into a number of nations suspicious of each others intentions.

    Chrissi (Peace activist in the Middle East), Palestine / UK
    The western governments have created through their greed and stupidity one of the greatest calamities in the civilised world. By invading Iraq they have alienated the Middle Eastern communities from the west and starved / maimed countless innocent families. There is no shame greater.

    Sucdi Osman, UK

    "I agree that the war opened a 'Pandora’s box' and might push Iraq into civil war"

    I agree that the war opened a 'Pandora’s box' and might push Iraq into civil war. Saddam was not a good man but even he looks good NOW because of the sad, sad situation in Iraq.

    Paul, Scotland UK
    This was and is a totally unjustified war, started by America to increase its influence and gain control in the Middle East. It has had the effect of de-stabilising that part of the world with the obvious implications for the rest of the world.

    Hamid Kherrati,  Morocco
    The invasion of Iraq was a huge injustice. The greatest imperialist action against a third world country ever committed in the whole history of mankind. USA and its allies want oil. They invaded Iraq for oil. No more values of human rights after Abu Ghraib scandal.

    E.H. Craill, Australia

    "Civil war is the most likely result of the US led invasion"

    The war against Iraq was not justified. It freed the Iraqi people from the discipline that held competing theologies in check. Civil war is the most likely result of the US led invasion. A theology inspired administration will not apply discipline as the secular administration of Saddam Hussein did.

    Daniel Morton, Australia
    The invasion of Iraq and subsequent attempts to install a democratic regime undoubtedly show that the Americans not only viewed the region as homogenous but failed to acknowledge the impractical legacy of colonialism. That is, that the modern nation-state is not organic. Furthermore western style democracy is contingent on people subverting themselves to the dogma of the nation-state rather than their religious/ethnic identity. Ultimately the Americans will be unable to install a system whereas Iraq is run through bureaucratic procedure as they depend on a civil society that hinges on patronage and nepotism.

    Rob Miles, Australia
    To the coalition in Iraq failure was not an option and yet they have failed miserably. Iraq is now one of the most dangerous places in the world and the world is worse off because of it.

    Ramon, Los Angeles USA

    "This invasion is just US imperialism in the 21st century"

    The U.S has failed miserably in Iraq. The country is about to erupt into civil war, and thousands of innocent Iraqis are dying. Everyday I hear stuff about bombs blowing up, or someone getting killed. Can you call that liberation? This invasion is just US imperialism in the 21st century.

    James Rose, Australia
    It is even clearer now than it was in 2003 that the economic value of the world's dwindling oil supplies outstrips the social value of human life for the US Republican  party. It is equally clear that Iraq has been subjected to civil war since at least early 2005. What is surprising however, is that despite plummeting domestic support and a widening war in Iraq, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney are pushing for a full-scale attack on Iran.

    Sheila, USA
    This attack and occupation of Iraq is illegal, unjustified and every day we are there, more people are tortured, maimed and killed. Our invasion and occupation of Iraq, our threats to Iran have destabilized the Middle East and increased hatred of the US and it's foreign policy around the world.

    Himzo, Slovenia
    I think that every ethnicity has their view about war in Iraq. Kurds are happy to see their place in democratic Iraq, Shias have got some powers they only dreamt about when Saddam was president, and Sunnis have got their place in a country which is natural for a minority.

    Luis Rios, Puerto Rico

    "There is no justification to the war except for the greed of corporate America"

    There is no justification to the war except for the greed of corporate America projected through their heavy influence in the US government. During times when oil weighs more than reason, you will continue watching senseless actions covered by fake patriotism. There is only one winner in this game: corporate America.

    Ava Delorenzo, USA
    The invasion against Iraq was never justified, irregardless of whether there were WMD.  The US has a multitude of WMDs, should Canada invade?

    JM, USA
    Although no weapons of mass destruction were found, was war still justified? Yes - Saddam's own people thought he had WMDs. We've been hearing about Civil war since the US invasion. The US had a civil war after it's freedom. Better people have a chance to chart their own future then live decades, entire generations, under one man ruling horribly. Put aside your hatred for Bush, talk to the 80% of Iraqis who are grateful to be free, and look beyond the Sunni triangle. Arabs/Muslims are not missing the democracy gene. Freedom is fundamental to all.

    Lee Abols, UK
    I feel that the invasion of Iraq was not justified at all, the evidence used to justify the invasion was fabricated and obviously so. America does not have the right to police the world.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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