Milosevic death: Reaction in quotes

The former Yugoslav leader was found dead in his cell at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague on Saturday.

    Milosevic's death has triggered strong reactions

    The following are some quotes from key figures reacting to the news:

    "I hope very much this event, the death of Milosevic will help Serbia to look definitely to the future" - Javier Solana, European Union foreign policy chief

    "He was a communist opportunist and became an opportunistic nationalist. His actions led to the deaths of over 300,000 people, four wars, the instability in Europe, creation of criminal gangs" - Richard Holbrooke, the former US negotiator for the ex-Yugoslavia.

    "He was systematically killed by all the years he spent in The Hague and this is a great loss for Serbia, the Serbian people and the Socialist Party of Serbia" - Ivica Dacic, leader of Milosevic's former Socialist Party.

    "Milosevic organised many many assassinations of people of my party, of people of my family ... He ordered a few times asasination attempts against my life.What can I say? I can say it's a pity he didn't face justice in Belgrade" - Vuk Draskovic, Serbia-Montenegro foreign minister.

    "Unfortunately, he did not face justice for crimes he has committed in Kosovo as well" - Lufi Haziri, Kosovo's deputy prime minister.

    "This does not change or alter in any way the need to come to terms with the past, with the legacy of which Slobodan Milosevic has been a part.This will be one of the big challenges ahead for the region in order to reach what is the ultimate goal we are all working on, and this is lasting peace and reconciliation" - Ursula Plassnik, foreign minister of Austria, which holds the rotating EU chair.

    "With the death of Milosevic, one of the main actors if not the main actor in the Balkan wars of the late 20th century has left the scene.I would like to spare a thought for all those who suffered so much from ethnic cleansing, tens of thousands of men, women and children, which Milosevic conceived and planned" - Philippe Douste-Blazy, French foreign minister.

    "The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia bears full responsibility for this" - Borislav Milosevic, Slobodan Milosevic's brother.

    "It's a shame he didn't live until the end of the trial so he could be given the sentence he deserved" - Stipe Mesic, president of Croatia.

    "We expect the tribunal to explain how was it possible, and why they did not let him have treatment in Russia" - Zoran Andjelkovic, Serb Socialist Party official

    SOURCE: Agencies


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