Iraq attacks kill nine

At least nine people have been killed in two separate attacks in an area southeast of Baghdad torn by sectarian violence.

    A daytime traffic ban in Baghdad has been lifted

    An explosion on Saturday in a crowded market near a bus station killed seven people and wounded 20 in the town of Gisr Diyala near Salman Pak.

    The blast destroyed a minibus at a bus stop opposite a market in the Zafaraniya district on Saturday, an Interior Ministry official said.

    In the second attack, a car bombing near a police checkpoint in Salman Pak killed two civilians and wounded three police officers.

    Two people were wounded when another bomb hit a trailer truck in south Baghdad.

    On Friday, the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq denounced the attack on a power station in Nahrawan district, east of Baghdad, as a heinous crime. Twenty-five workers were killed in the attack late on Thursday night.

    In a statement, the organisation warned against what it called American plots to sow discord among Iraqis.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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