Iraq anniversary: Your views has received hundreds of emails from readers giving their thoughts on the situation in Iraq - the majority overwhelmingly critical of the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation.

    Protesters in New York mark the third anniversary of the war

    Here we publish a second page of your comments (click here to see page one of your comments):

    James G, Canada
    I think the war in Iraq was justified even though no weapons of mass destruction were found. Saddam could easily hide them but even if there were none Saddam is an evil tyrant that needed to be removed from power.

    JC, Canada
    I think the people's lives in Iraq are worse now than before the war. I think the earth is becoming more dangerous after the war. I think Bush has achieved nothing great but only tightened his control over the American people and over other nations. Bush has made the world a more dangerous place for everybody, whatever his reason of action is.

    Caroline Jones, England
    I was opposed to this war at the beginning, as were many people in Britain.  I am deeply ashamed of the actions of our government in helping the Bush regime to persue this illegal action.  Please don't blame the British people, this was not done in our name.

    Richard Wm Short, Canada
    "Hubris" is a term from ancient Greek theatre. It means, 'excessive pride and ambition that leads to the downfall of a hero.' The situation in Iraq is the result of American hubris.

    Adam, Canada
    Americans and British should leave immediately and let Iraqis settle their own political, social & economic future. Americans should forget about their dream to capitalize on Iraqis Oil. The West has their hands are full of innocent blood.

    Mahomed Hamid, South Africa

    "The basic human right to life, dignity, shelter and food have been violated with impunity"

    On this Human Rights day in South Africa, our thoughts go to the tens of thousands of lives that has been unnecessarily wasted in Iraq. While America purports to promote human rights, the realities are quite different. The basic human right to life, dignity, shelter and food have been violated with impunity. Can the world not stand up against these injustices?

    Luke Weyland, Australia
    US treasury notes claim :In God we Trust". Pity that they actually place their trust in both nuclear weapons and warmongers such as Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld.

    Nawal, England
    Britain and America should leave Iraq and if our brothers and sisters who ruled the Muslim world would come together and not give oil to any western country, it would and make them stand still, but instead we thrive off hurting each other?  Its a shame that the world is coming to this, Islam is not a vicious or traumatic religion, and this is what is being portrayed in western society.

    Merle, Canada

    "Saddam was a murdering tyrant that had to be dealt with"

    I live in Canada and I truly agree with the US led action in Iraq. Saddam was a murdering tyrant that had to be dealt with. The basic problem in Iraq now is infighting between different Islamic factions. It is not the fault of the US forces as they are simply trying to keep the peace. When the people of Iraq agree to end this fighting it will end and US forces can go home.

    Filip, Serbia and Montenegro
    Although Saddam's deserved to be overthrown it had to be done by the people of Iraq, not by a foreign imperialist power, with as much legitimacy to rule Iraq as Saddam. America has finally showed the entire world its policy's ugly face of colonialism, imperialism and crusade.

    G.Rivers, USA
    President Bush is not kidding. He will liberate Iraq followed by Syria, Iran, and  North Korea.  Then and only then Peace will be achieved in the world.

    Jeff, USA

    "We gave you freedom and democracy"

    We got rid of Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad. We gave you freedom and democracy, and now it's time that you stepped up and fought for your own country.

    Phil, Australia
    Here in Australia we still get the same "Iraq is better without Saddam" speeches. But what we see on the news is appalling. The War was/is/never will be justified! I personally am afraid of the intentions of the US Administration and their 'bigger agenda'.

    rchegwidden, UK
    The governments of UK and US are war criminals, pure and simple. The more people who say it, the more likely something will be done about it. The rest of the western govs. and arab + african etc who are quiet but still support these dictators and murders are accessories and spineless colluders.

    Karl, USA

    "Does anyone think Iran is not next?"

    The fact is that it has been 3 years of killings hunger and destruction, does anyone think anything good will come out of this except US control on Iraqi oil industry? Does anyone think Iran is not next? war is part of todays US policy, better get used to it.

    Dr.A.A. Mannan, Nigeria
    There is no justification on the war on Iraq, it's a war to loot the riches of Iraq viz Oil and to give a rest of mind (as they think and believe) to the ruling gulf and Saudi Leaders who believe they cannot rise to protect themselves against their political enemies (Saddam and the Baath party Members) so they believe by destroying them they will remain in power forever.

    Sophie, EU
    The only difference I can see between what Germany did 1940-45 and what USA is doing today is time and geography.

    Joseph Gallegos, USA

    "The war has increased global terrorism and isolated America from the world"

    There was never adequate justification for the war. The pretext for war was fabricated from the start.  Essentially the Bush administration wants access to Middle east oil and desires to establish hegemony in the region as well. The implications are dreadful. The war has increased global terrorism and isolated America from the world. I think its safe to say there are dark days ahead in the Middle East and in the US.

    Robert, United States
    What the United States is doing is right. As an American who is also Muslim, I stand by the decision of our President and I think that stability in the Middle East is critical to the diplomatic agenda set by President Bush when he was elected in 2000.

    Greg Kleven, US

    "The Muslims of the world have become the Native Americans of 300 years ago"

    I think that the whole region is on the brink of a civil war and that is exactly what the White House wanted. That's the environment they need to justify their actions. They have no problem with "losing" the war. Because the real objective is not democracy and freedom, it’s about the expansion of Western civilization. Or what is now called "Globalization". The same tactics that brought Western civilization to North Anerica are being used today. The Muslims of the world have become the Native Americans of 300 years ago. They are sitting on something that Western civilization wants so much it will do anything to obtain it.

    C. Lee, Australia
    All excuses for the invasion of Iraq are completely insupportable. Many Americans have claimed 9/11 as a central justification for war: then why not dismantle the CIA, which played a large role in creating the terrorists in the first place? I feel deeply ashamed that my country has taken part in this illegal and bloody war. It has achieved nothing but to take the lives, and respect, of so many innocent Iraqi citizens, and sent many soldiers to a cruel and meaningless death.

    Edvin from Norway
    Bush is a liar and a criminal, the man who told the truth is Saddam Hussein before the war.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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