Gas facilities bombed in Pakistan

Tribal fighters have been accused of firing more than 200 rockets and blowing up a gas pipeline in Pakistan's southwestern province Baluchistan.

    Residents are demanding more revenues from the gas industry

    According to a Pakistani official on Saturday the mortars hit the main paramilitary forces base injuring a guard, with the barrage starting on Friday night and continuing until dawn.


    Abdul Samad Lasi, the region's senior government official, said dozens of rockets struck the walls and an open area inside the base of the Frontier Corps.


    He said the attack was launched by supporters of tribal elder Nawab Akbar Bugti, who was also suspected in the pipeline blast.


    In a separate attack, fighters hit a gas installation with rockets, killing a soldier and two civilians. The strike was in the town of Sui, he said.


    "The terrorists from the Bugti tribe fired dozens of rockets," he said. "We are tracking them. They will not be spared."


    Earlier on Saturday, three bombs were used to blow up a gas pipeline in Dera Bugti, the capital of Baluchistan province, Lasi said.


    Dera Bugti, the site of Pakistan's main gas field, has been the scene of small-scale military operations against the Bugti tribe, which has been demanding more royalties from the resources extracted from its territory.




    The tribe and other local elders are opposed to the setting up of new military garrisons in their areas.


    "The terrorists from the Bugti tribe fired dozens of rockets.We are tracking them. They will not be spared"

    Abdul Samad Lasi, 
    government official

    Officials say the garrisons were designed to protect oil installations and their staff.


    The latest attacks came a day after Lasi accused Bugti's men of damaging his house with a bomb. Nobody was injured in Friday's attack in Hab, a town about 700km (435miles) southeast of Quetta.


    The continued unrest in Baluchistan has raised fears of a repeat of violence that rocked the province in the 1970s, when thousands died in a large-scale military operation against the tribesmen.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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