Comments: Dialogue key to bridging divide

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sigurd N Skirbekk's editorial: Dialogue key to bridging cultural divide.

    West is best, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of women! Muslim women can only free themselves and hence better themselves by leaving Muslim territories and becoming westernised. In the west we have real freedom and hence palpable values.
    Lucia, US

    Many of my family members are living in Denmark, but for some reason they do not have the same reaction about the cartoons [that insulted Prophet Muhammad] like we do here. Is that because they are scared to lose there jobs? Or they do not really care about this huge problem?
    Dana, Lebanon

    I am horrified by the consequences that my Arab friends here in Oslo, Norway will have to face. The cartoon incidents play the same role today as the Nazi-cartoons did towards the Jews before World War II; which is to give an impression that Arabs are dangerous and not to be trusted.

    I think the solution to all of this is quite simple: Start making peace instead of war. End the occupation of Iraq and start healing the wounds. Let people of all countries live together in peace.

    This responsibility lies on the western governments who time after time have chosen to wage war on Arab countries causing great pain, destruction and anger.
    Stian Andersen, Norway

    This question which has to be asked is: Would the newspapers that published the offensive material about Islam also print cartoons mocking the Nazi holocaust or the destruction of the World Trade Centres? I think not!.

    Every country on this planet has something they hold so dear that mocking it would be unthinkable, and I feel that the Danish press stepped over line with their cartoons.

    I also feel that the press from the other European countries that reprinted these cartoons, did so to sell more newspapers, and not as claimed to promote freedom of speech. Surely we can have freedom of speech without causing offense.
    Kevin Martin, Scotland

    I am a Danish Muslim.

    First of all J Posten’s drawings are distasteful, and one can say even racist. However, the papers have the right to publish them.

    Second, this problem is a Danish problem not international, and it should be solved here in Denmark by Danes, both Muslims and Christians.

    Third, it hurts me to see the Danish flag and the prime ministers’ photo being burnt, and Danish companies boycotted. Enough is enough, let us stop this madness.
    Abdul Basha, Denmark

    A few comedians living in Denmark made bad jokes. Perhaps these few comedians need to be introduced to the beautiful and joyful religion of Islam. They might learn to respect Islam.

    Instead of intellectuals and Muslim scholars reaching out to these comedians - what is in the news: a few criminals have used the cartoons as an excuse to attack random strangers that have nothing to do with bad jokes.
    John Smith, US

    Sigurd N Skirbekk,

    Overpopulation is the biggest reason for poverty and many other problems. 

    I am surprised your article mentioned the West is in trouble because it is trying to lower its population levels.
    Mark Ehrenberg, US

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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