Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

Pakistan has successfully test-fired a short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

    In 2004 Pakistan test-fired the Shaheen missile

    A military statement on Sunday said the Hatf-II/Abdali ground-to-ground missile had a range of 200km and could carry "nuclear and other types of warheads".

    The statement said: "All planned technical parameters were validated."

    It gave no further details nor the site of the test, which was announced as Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan president, was due to leave for a five-day state visit to China.

    In a reference to neighbouring countries, the statement said advance notice had been given to "all concerned".

    Sunday's was the second test-firing of the Hatf-II. The first took place in March last year when the missile's range was given as 180km.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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