Comments: Europe should accept its Muslims

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Soumaya Ghannoushi's editorial: Europe should accept its Muslims.

    Let me ask you: Which of the Islamic governed countries allows Christian churches freedom to worship as they please without fear of violence perpetuated against them? Clean your side of the street off first, before you attempt to clean someone else's side off.

    Oh, and I do not believe for one second that this letter will ever be shown to the public.

    , Canada


    A resounding yes to much of what you wrote while at the same time resenting what you did not write. 

    For example, Saudi Arabia, does not allow religious freedom, or gender freedom. I am to accept non-European's into my society with open arms but because Saudi Arabia is the home of Makka, it must remain pure and thus non-believers are not welcome to live and openly practise a non-Muslim faith.

    I cannot go to Iran and openly practise my faith; yet I am to be called racist if I do not accept Iranians and their beliefs into my society!

    Don Rodgers, Canada


    May be European Muslims should accept Europe. What is the point of moving to a new strange country if you do not want to adapt to their way of living? 

    Most of Western people do not care about your religion, but if you want to fit in, you need to adopt the local dress, language and customs.

    Tom Long, USA


    The West has done a lot to accept, and accommodate the Islam in Europe and else where. What the Arab countries have done to accommodate the Westerners, and or the Christians in Arabia?

    Charles Cristofini, UK


    As a resident of Bradford (West Yorkshire), I honestly feel we are trying to embrace multiculturalism in this country but rarely get it right. It is however an ongoing struggle. Lack of integration brings lack of understanding which is still a problem here.

    Matt Kerr, UK


    "Eighty-three per cent of white Britons have no friends who are practising Muslims and that 94% say that they do not have any friends from outside their white communities".

    I think that all over the world people stick to their own kind. This is quite natural and not necessarily due to prejudice.

    Luc Broes, Belgium


    Multiculturalism has failed everywhere in the world and I do not know why the Howard government think it will work in Australia!

    We should try to help people who are friends of the West but in their own countries instead of bringing them here where the still want to live together in ghettos


    Peter Daniel, Australia


    agree wholeheartedly with Soumaya's points. Bush and his neo-con cohorts seem to be interested in demonising Islam while turning a huge blind eye to their own support of atrocities.

    The power of the US media is to blame too in keeping most of the people there ignorant of their Muslim neighbours.

    Kenichi Lynch, New Zealand

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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