Gazan killed by Israeli missile strike

At least one man has been killed and two wounded in an explosion east of Gaza City.

    Witnesses said they found pieces of missile near the car

    The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees accused Israel of trying to kill its fighters in a strike on their car on Sunday. 

    The Israeli army said it carried out an air strike on three armed men several metres from a fence near the Karni border crossing in northern Gaza, believing that

    they were trying to penetrate the fence. They army said it hit one fighter.

    Palestinian witnesses said there was a small crater and what looked like pieces of a missile near the car. They said Israeli helicopters were hovering over the area - near to where the
    army acknowledged opening fire. 

    Retaliation vowed

    The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees said its fighters had been travelling in the car but escaped the explosion.

    A spokesman for the group said a bystander was killed.

    Dr Moaiya Hassanain, a Palestinian hospital official, identified the dead man as a Mohammed Abdel-Al, 22, of Gaza City.

    The Popular Resistance Committees vowed retaliation.

    "The Popular Resistance Committee has the right to respond to the crime of assassination," said Abu Yousef, a spokesman for the group.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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