Labour would quit parts of Jerusalem

Israel's Labour party has declared that it would give back parts of Jerusalem in a final deal with Palestinians if it assumes power after elections in March, party officials say.

    Jerusalem is home to many holy sites

    Jerusalem, with its key holy sites, is one of the most contentious issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


    Israel captured east Jerusalem in 1967 and later annexed it. The Palestinians want the Arab sector of the city to serve as the capital of a future state.


    The expanded Jerusalem boundaries under Israeli control include more than a dozen Arab villages around the city, as well as Palestinian neighbourhoods in the city itself.


    Ami Ayalon, a Labour Party candidate, told Israel TV on Sunday: "When there will be a final arrangement with the Palestinians, the Arab neighbourhoods [of Jerusalem] won't be part of the state of Israel."


    Labour is lagging in polls but is considered a prime candidate to form a centre-left governing coalition with the expected winner, Kadima, founded by Ariel Sharon, the ailing Israeli prime minister.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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