Kuwait confirms new ruler

Kuwait's parliament has confirmed Shaikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah as new amir, ending an unprecedented political crisis which has divided the ruling family.

    Fifty members of parliament voted for Shaikh Sabah al-Sabah

    The 50 members of the parliament, in addition to the 14 members of the cabinet, excluding Shaikh Sabah, who is the prime minister, voted unanimously for the country's new ruler.

    Shaikh Sabah was nominated amir of the oil-rich emirate after last week's removal of Shaikh Saad al-Adbullah al-Sabah by the parliament for health reasons.

    Crown Prince Shaikh Saad had automatically become the amir of Kuwait after the death of his predecessor, Shaikh Jabr al-Ahmad al-Sabah on 15 January.
    The Gulf state was embroiled in its most serious domestic political crisis before the elected parliament deposed Shaikh Saad in a vote that made Shaikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah the undisputed leader.   



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