The Palestinian aid pie

The Palestinian Authority is heavily dependent on foreign assistance.

    Poor finances have dogged the Palestinian community

    With Western aid suddenly in question following Hamas' victory in legislative elections, the Palestinians could face a serious money crisis.


    Here is a look at the Palestinian finances:



    2005 total: $1.96 billion

    2006 projected deficit: $660 million.


    Foreign Aid

    Total annual aid: $900 million


    Major donors

    • The EU and individual European nations: $570 million($270 million for salaries of Palestinian workers and $300 million for development and infrastructure projects)
    • United States: $300 million for development projects
    • Saudi Arabia. $46 million.


    Tax revenues

    2005 (projected): $396 million


    Additional income:

    Customs duties and value added tax collected by Israel

    each month: $55 million.



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