Bush attacker to be sentenced

A Georgian man, on trial for attempting to assassinate the US President George Bush, is due to be sentenced soon.

    The attack occured when Bush was visiting Tblisi in May last year

    Vladimir Arutyunian faces life in prison for allegedly trying to kill Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili at a huge rally in May. He is also facing a charge of killing a policeman in a shootout before his arrest.

    Arutyunian, whose trial began last month, has acknowledged that he threw a grenade in the direction of the stage where Bush and Saakashvili were standing behind a bulletproof barrier. He also said that he would try again to kill Bush if he

    had the chance.

    The grenade is said to have landed about 30 metres from the stage. It did not explode, and no one was hurt.


    The court in Tblisi is due to convene for closing statements before senetence is passed.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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