Timeline: Hajj tragedies

Dozens of people have been killed in a crush during the stoning ritual in the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, witnesses said.

    Saudi security officials have been closely monitoring the Hajj

    The following is a chronology of some major tragedies linked to the Hajj in recent years:


    1979 - About 250 Saudi militants take over Grand Mosque in Mecca. More than 100 of them and 127 Saudi troops are killed in a two-week siege, which took place outside main pilgrimage season.


    1987 - Some 400 people, mainly Iranian Shi'ia pilgrims, are killed in clashes with Saudi security forces during anti-Western protests in Mecca.


    1989 - Bombs explode near Grand Mosque, killing one pilgrim and wounding 16. Saudi Arabia beheads 16 foreigners found guilty of planting the bombs.


    1990 - Stampede in tunnel at Mecca causes deaths of 1426 pilgrims, most from Indonesia and Turkey.


    1991 - Plane crash in Saudi Arabia kills 91 Senegalese soldiers returning from trip to Mecca after serving in Gulf War.


    1991 - Plane carrying pilgrims home to Nigeria crashes after hajj, killing 261.


    1994 - Stampede near Jamarat Bridge in Mena kills 270.


    1997 - Fire kills 343 pilgrims at camp in Mena.


    1998 - Stampede near Jamarat Bridge kills 119.


    2001 - Stampede near Jamarat Bridge kills 35.


    2003 - Stampede near Jamarat Bridge kills at least 14.


    2004 - Stampede near Jamarat Bridge kills at least 251.


    2006 - Collapse of Makka hostel housing pilgrims kills 76.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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