Factfile: Tsunami impact

Last December's Asian tsunami devastated the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, southern India, Thailand and other countries with waves up to 30 metres, causing deaths and damage as far as the east coast of Africa.

    More than 216,000 were reported killed in South east Asia

    Below is a breakdown of the casualties and damage caused across the region by the disaster.

    Indonesia was hardest hit by the 26 December earthquake and tsunami, with 130,013 people listed as dead or missing.
    According to the Health Ministry, those listed as missing will only be confirmed as dead after a year.

    The toll in Sri Lanka, which was second hardest hit by the catastrophe, stood at 30,957, according to the Centre for National Operations.

    The number of people listed as missing was 5637, but many were expected to be among those never formally identified, hurriedly buried and included in the confirmed toll.

    In neighbouring India, the official toll has reached 12,405 with 3874 still reported missing and feared dead.

    The Government of India says the disaster has affected 27,92,000 people in 1089 villages.

    The government says more than 157,393 houses were destroyed, 83,788 boats damaged and about 39,035 hectares of cropped area rendered unusable.

    The social infrastructure - schools, primary health centres, drinking water supply, and other community assets - in affected areas was totally destroyed.

    India says it will need to spend $2.1 billion on long-term rehabilitation.

    In Thailand, damage and losses are estimated at $2.05 billion, according to a study by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre.

    Thailand's toll remained at 5393 confirmed dead and a further 2817 others listed as missing.

    The Thai Ministry of Interior puts the number of people affected at 54,672 people in six southern provinces and estimated the amount spent on reconstruction and assistance at $1.7 billion.

    The number of homes and properties destroyed reached 6799 with only 1907 new homes completed, leaving nearly 2900 people living in shelters.

    Myanmar has said 61 people were killed in the tsunami, against an estimated 90 deaths according to the United Nations.
    At least 82 people were killed in the Maldives.

    Sixty-eight people were dead in Malaysia, most of them in Penang, according to police, while Bangladesh reported two deaths.

    Fatalities also occurred on the east coast of Africa where 298 people were declared dead in Somalia, 10 in Tanzania and one in Kenya.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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