Timeline: Targeted bombings in Lebanon

A look at the series of explosions that has targeted Lebanese government officials and the media this year:

    Editor and lawmaker Jebran Tueni was anti-Syrian

    14 February: Former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri

    is assassinated in a massive

    bombing. Opposition blames Syrian and Lebanese governments,

    charges both deny.

    2 June: Anti-Syrian journalist and activist Samir Kassir

    is killed by a bomb placed under his car.

    21 June: Anti-Syrian politician George Hawi, former

    Communist party leader, is killed by a bomb placed under

    his car.

    12 July: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister

    Elias al-Murr survives a car bombing that targets his vehicle

    as he drives on a north Beirut suburban street. Although

    pro-Syrian, al-Murr later says he was threatened by a Syrian

    intelligence chief in Lebanon.

    25 September: Prominent anchorwoman May Chidiac of the

    leading anti-Syrian TV station LBC loses an arm and a leg

    from a bomb placed under her car. 

    12 December: Jebran Tueni, prominent anti-Syrian newspaper

    editor and lawmaker, is killed in a car bomb that destroys

    his vehicle.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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