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Comments: Making new friends in Damascus

A selection of comments we received in response to Sami Moubayed's editorial: Making new friends in Damascus.

    In my opinion, the problem which is hindering the political development in Syria, is the lack of socio-political infrastructure. The writer's attempt to imagine one is, therefore, a hopeless exercise, although many of his ideas are of good value.
    Basel Ustwani, Syria

    Well done President Bashar Al-Assad. I hope he sticks by his statement that he has no problem with anybody opposing him politically; that his problem is only with those who do so for the sake of other countries' interests.

    I will oppose President Assad's policies when they go wrong, but I will fight for him when someone wants to harm him. We will achieve our own democracy, not someone else's version of it.

    I hope all Syrians, irrespective of their political beliefs, stand together in these difficult times; when good times come round again, then we can all have a good slanging match.
    Mohamad Ali Mardam-Bey, Lebanon

    As long as Muslims are divided, Syria will become another victim of the US's empirical war. Whatever analyses and explanations are provided, it will not change the situation for Syria, as long as the lack of interest in Islamic brotherhood from other Muslim nations continues.
    Kazi Mahmood, Malaysia

    I hope that the environment of co-operation and understanding does continue in Syria and a united front is presented to the outside world. 
    Hafez, Ireland

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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