Bus drivers strike in Tehran

Scores of bus drivers in Tehran, the Iranian capital, went on strike on Sunday morning to protest against their wages and working conditions, the official IRNA news agency reported.

    Transport workers in Iran earn $250 a month
    "The drivers want their conditions to be improved and to have higher wages," the report said. The streets in central Tehran were even more congested than normal due to the strike.
    Governmental institutions have offered to use their buses if need be to replace the strikers.
    A few months ago, public transport workers in Tehran drove with their vehicle lights on to protest at their low wages. Their leaders were arrested and later released by the judiciary.
    "We simply want a better life, but as soon as we say something, we will be accused of being counter-revolutionaries," one of the leaders told state radio.
    Transport workers in Iran are employed by the government and earn on average $250 a month.&n



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